My name is Yasmina F. Edwards, I am a French native of African heritage based in the US.  As a French immigrant, I have used my drive, resilience, and energy to create a life for myself.

After having worked for 15 years in Fortune 500 corporations, I launched my own companies and built strong networks across three continents: Europe, Africa, and North America.

I am a serial entrepreneur, I’d like to share my experience with you as a Founder, Coach, Capital Raising Advisor and expert in cultural intelligence.

My mission is to strengthen and amplify your voice by helping you build a strong personal branding in line with your values and vision while breaking new ground to scale your business.

My Story


Ten years ago, I was told to look for a new job because the company I was working for was about to be acquired. I decided then and there to take control of my destiny. I was not going to leave my life in someone else’s hands. This was the moment I became an entrepreneur, and I have never wavered in that decision.

Launching my own company and creating my own wealth were the only alternatives. I knew I wanted to build a business with an impact-driven mission. I understood, as a woman, a French immigrant of the African diaspora, that my path to success would face challenges, having, like many before me, experienced inequity and bias. So, my life’s mission became one of service to underrepresented communities, especially women.

In 2014, I launched my first company, EGMNY. I built the business from the ground up, with no connections, no funds, and a single client. In spite of obstacles and closed doors, I stood tall and remained focused, knowing that fulfilling my mission would overcome any setbacks I was facing.


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Our Values



“Trust is the basis of a healthy and harmonious relationship with customers.”

At YFE_Agency we like to talk about mutual trust, because trust is what motivates us and pushes us to bring you the best of ourselves by respecting our commitments and the quality of our services. 


Clarity of communication and listening skills are essential aspects of the relationship that YFE_Agency builds with our customers and partners. The information we share must be clear, accessible, and easy to understand within a trusted environment—all of which is driven by listening.

We make sure that our customers can easily follow the progress of their project and provide them with all necessary assistance and support.



At YFE_Agency, we position ourselves as expert advisors who guide our clients and help them achieve their goals while being concerned about their wellbeing. Our commitments drive us to be responsible while building long-term partnerships with our customers. 


Passionate about our profession, at YFE_Agency, we are driven by the success of our customers. Ambition pushes the agency to always aim higher and to dare to get out of our comfort zone by forging our own path.

We like the idea of building our own table and bringing our clients along by offering them custom-made, winning solutions.


Our Services

Brand strategy


Campaign strategy

Brand partnership

We teach founders, business owners and entrepreneurs the skills necessary to understand and control your financials, and the steps needed to obtain funding to grow your business.

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